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Staff Profiles

Dennis Seigfried is a seasoned, experienced, honest, and dedicated certified public accountant (CPA). On top of that, he’s an enrolled agent (EA). An EA is an elite tax preparer, one who’s licensed by the federal government and who has the authority to officially represent a taxpaying citizen in front of the IRS. Over time, it can be exceedingly helpful to retain the services of an accountant with such power.

Every year, Dennis completes 64 hours of continuing professional education: 40 hours as a CPA and 24 hours as an EA. Naturally, with all of that annual training, he’s able to stay abreast of changes in the law and the latest technologies in the field.

Dennis is committed to helping clients manage vexing IRS problems. He can assist you if you’re struggling with tax return compliance, past-due returns, or an audit. His expertise will also be beneficial if you’ve received a notice from the IRS and don’t know what it means. Plus, Dennis can explain your rights and answer your questions when it comes to tax law.

Of course, dealing with IRS problems can be stressful if not downright frightening. However, having a tenacious advocate and authority such as Dennis at your side is calming and reassuring; you’ll surely sleep better at night. Not to mention, the IRS doesn’t always draw the right conclusions. That is, the agency could send you a letter with information that’s out of date, incomplete, or just plain wrong. Fortunately, Dennis will be able to spot those inaccuracies and guide you as you clear up the issue.

In addition, Dennis is a terrific person to work with even if you’re not facing any tax difficulties or complications. That’s because he can comb through every line of your tax returns and find all of the deductions that the law permits ― no matter how minute or obscure they might be. After all, why pay the government a cent more than you must?

In short, Dennis is a specialist in just about any matter related to finances and accounting. He knows all about international banking, shipping, profit analysis, sales forecasting, foreign currencies, and many more topics besides. Over the years, he’s provided invaluable aid to companies and individuals alike, and he’d be happy to hear from you.